Message from Steven J. Reaves, President, AFGE Local 4060

Dear AFGE Local 4060 Bargaining Unit Employees, Past and Present,

As you may be aware, your Union, AFGE Local 4060, has secured a major victory in its pursuit of a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)/Overtime Grievance against FEMA. This Grievance alleged, amongst other counts, that many of you and your fellow past employees were improperly denied FLSA coverage and were not being properly compensated for all overtime work performed.

In the pursuit of this Grievance, the Union was represented by its counsel at Pines Federal Employment Attorneys and by the Law Offices of Snider & Associates, who have successfully resolved many similar cases against federal government agencies nationwide and are considered the top in their field.

Through the hard work of your Union and its attorneys, we recently settled the matter for the substantial sum of $16,500,000. Yes, that’s right, sixteen million five hundred thousand dollars. The bulk of those funds are attributable to employee compensation and are ready for distribution by Class Action Implementation Group (CAIG) to eligible current and past employees who were determined to be entitled to payment from the settlement. CAIG is handling all aspects of the implementation and distribution.

The CAIG confirmation portal provides detailed information you need in order to claim your eligibility to receive a share of the settlement according to the terms governing the distribution of these funds. It explains how and when the funds will be distributed, eligibility requirements, important timelines, and other important information.

If you received notification from CAIG that you are eligible for a payment, you are encouraged to complete the confirmation process through the CAIG Confirmation Portal.

Please be aware that you must follow all instructions and respond in a timely manner.

Finally, please also note that neither the Union, Pines Federal, nor Snider & Associates are collecting information from employees relevant to any claims at this time. Please do not contact the Union, Pines Federal, or Snider & Associates with questions. Please do not attempt to provide claims information at this time, as it will not be accepted. Settlement updates will be provided on the Settlement Update tab.

Your Union leadership, both past and present, worked hard for many years to reach this settlement on your behalf. In celebrating this huge victory, we remind you that this is just one of our many important successes in recent years, and we encourage you to become a member of AFGE.

In Solidarity,

Steven J. Reaves
President AFGE National Local 4060
FEMA’s Union